You have lived for years in a large home to raise a family and now your kids have moved out of the home… congratulations on becoming empty nesters! This is a new chapter in life for you! Now is the time to find a smaller, more manageable sized home, get some of the equity out of your current home, spend less time on maintenance work, and more time on hobbies, traveling, or babysitting grandchildren.

How can I help?

I will determine what we should sell your current home for and show you the numbers of how it makes sense to downsize. If you’ve owned your home for a while, you most likely have hundreds of thousands of dollars of equity sitting in your home that you could use to travel and enjoy more hobbies, all while living in a smaller home.

Perhaps you would like to live on a single level, instead of a 2 or 3 story home, or maybe you’d like to live in a condo or townhouse so that you don’t have the maintenance and yard work of a family home.

I will show you properties that are less maintenance, so that you can enjoy your golden years. Contact me today to set up a time to review what’s happening in the market, what your goals are with downsizing, and where you are considering living. I will help you make a smooth transition into this new chapter!

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