Investment Properties

My specialty is in finding investment properties (income properties and rental properties). Why is that? I too am a real estate investor and I am the one realtor that has created and published stats on the rental market. I own rental properties all over Southern BC. Besides that, I’m also a CPA and therefore crunch numbers on profitability and have a wealth of knowledge about what you need to know when buying an investment property. I have out of area expertise (within BC) with purchasing homes, adding a secondary suite, and managing the properties. Please check out more About Me to see why I’m the real estate advisor that you want to work with.

I work with the following types of investment properties:

  • Buying a home with a secondary suite
  • Buying and adding a mortgage helper
  • Buying a home, condo, or townhouse in another area to rent out

Any Realtor can buy or sell a home for you, but there are a limited amount of realtors that follow the rental market trends, understand and have experienced the construction process first hand for fixing up a rental home or adding a secondary suite, are capable of calculating the potential profitability and conducting the analysis. This is how I have grown my business, by proving that I am a true specialist with investment properties. Check out my blog for articles that I have written on investment properties or contact me now to discuss our next steps.

Experience and Specialty

With a previous background in accounting, I think big-picture and about long-term investment strategies. My personal investment style is within real estate, as I invest in income properties within British Columbia for both the recurring monthly revenue and asset appreciation.
There are many profitable cities within British Columbia to own real estate in and generate cash in your bank each month. Most cities in BC have a near 0% vacancy rate; therefore becoming a landlord in BC is very rewarding. I study rental market trends, real estate sales, bank rates, and crunch numbers for property profitability. What better way to earn a return on your investment than to become a landlord and realize 8 to 20% returns each year just on the positive cash flow from rent! That’s not even including the appreciation of the home or the mortgage paydown. If you want to learn more about buying your first rental property, contact me.

The construction process of creating a secondary suite is very familiar to me as I have undergone the hands-on process of renovation. Perhaps you’re considering buying a home and adding a basement suite or a carriage home as a mortgage helper. To get started, contact me today.

I offer value added services by bringing my personal investment experience to the table and helping my clients get the best possible deal for their own investment – whether it be their principal residence, house to flip, or rental property. There are 10 cities within southern B.C. that I have either lived or owned in, making me very familiar with neighbourhoods and surroundings.